Benefits of Chlorine

Benefits of Chlorine

Canada is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the world.

Modern industrial processes create many of the products which make our lives easier; smartphones, insulation, cars, refrigerators and countless other products add to our quality of life

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Some industries are responsible for more than making us comfortable or our children happy with the latest gadget; they keep us safe and healthy.

Medicine for disease, chlorine for clean drinking water, and electricity for our communities are all critical products that rely on industrial processes.

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Without proper and measured regulation these processes can present hazards.

Whether it’s keeping ignition sources away from flammable chemicals or wearing a hardhat at a factory, safety practices are rigorously enforced to keep the workers safe, so that they can make the things that keep consumers safe.

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Chlorine-based products are used to sanitize water, create clean technology, drive innovation, and modernize infrastructure. All of this is made possible by chlorine.

Any risk posed to workers involved in chlorine production is negated with rigorous safety standards and by reducing exposure. Some of these safety standards include: wearing personal protective equipment, regular safety inspections, and extensive training.

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Chlorine keeps Canadians safe.