Chlorine's safe uses

Chlorine is a safe disinfectant.

It is used in swimming pools to kill bacteria and stop disease from spreading. It’s used in hospitals and restaurants to sanitize tools and surfaces. Chlorine is even used in homes everywhere to keep Canadians healthy and safe.

Chlorine is more than a safe
disinfectant; it has a huge variety of
applications across multiple sectors.

Chlorine, Clean technology and Environmental Sustainability

Chlorine products help generate sustainable energy, where they are used in wind turbine blades and solar panels. Lightweight plastics and metals reduce emissions in transportation.

Chlorine and Advanced Manufacturing

In computers and smartphones, high tech lasers and other tools of the future, chlorine is at work. Bumpers, airbags, bulletproof vests and other life-saving technologies are also chlorine-derived products.

Chlorine and Modernizing infrastructure

Chlorine products are used to make seat cushions, wiring, and shatter-proof glass in modern subway systems. In urban centers worldwide, modern plastic piping is steadily replacing rusted out metal. Innovative materials for planes, trains and automobiles improve fuel efficiency.

Uses of chlorine and chlorine-based products